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COVID-19 Presumption Flow Chart/Checklist Reference Sheet

Does Governor Newsom’s COVID-19 Executive Order have you confused?  Are you concerned about the additional $600 Million to $1.8 Billion this order may cost employers?

Please find Mullen & Filippi’s step-by-step COVID-19 flowchart that takes you through the COVID-19 presumption analysis; we hope this will help you evaluate whether your COVID-19 claims truly meet the criteria to qualify for the presumption under the governor’s order.

COVID Presumptive Claims Flowchart

It is still not clear if this order is constitutional; only the courts, and time, will tell.

As always, we at Mullen and Filippi are committed to guiding our clients through challenging legal times.  If you have any questions about our flowchart, the governor’s order, or any other COVID-19 issues, feel free to reach out to your favorite M&F attorney; we are always happy to help!