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We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of these calculations. However, variables in specific cases may provide different results. These calculations should be used as estimates only. We recommend you consult with your attorney.

All date calculations are inclusive on beginning and ending dates.

* For TD paid more than 2 years from DOI refer to L.C. Section 4658(d)(2)(3) for increases in TD rate.

* For DOI’s 1/1/05 through 12/31/12 refer to refer to L.C. Section 4658(d)(2)(3) for PD adjustment of 15% increase/decrease

** Per L.C. Section 4659(c) weekly PTD and life pension payments must be increased annually by an amount equal to the percentage increase in the state average weekly wage as compared to the prior year (COLA’s).

☨ For 100% PTD no total amounts are given due to COLA’s and discounts to present value. Consult an M & F attorney for assistance.