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How CIGA Outflanks Medicare

CIGA is not a “primary plan” within the meaning of the Medicare Act. The Guarantee Act prohibits CIGA from reimbursing Medicare unless and until the U.S. Supreme Court says otherwise.

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The Power of CIGA again on Display

In the case of Mary Baker vs. CIGA, the power of CIGA to transfer liability to a solvent carrier was once again on display.

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WCAB Clarifies When Applicant Sustains Successive Cumulative Traumas

Applicant was employed as a machine operator from 1998 through August 29, 2001. He alleged injury to his back as well as several internal medicine and a psych issues. The injuries were pled as both a specific injury (August 17, 2000) and cumulative trauma (through August 15, 2000). Following trial, the Workers Compensation Judge found cumulative trauma, but no specific injury. He awarded 72% permanent disability.

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