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As the year comes to a close, claim professionals and attorneys alike are working hard to resolve those matters ready for resolution and move into 2019 ready to take on new challenges.  Mullen and Filippi will be working hard to wrap up claims before the New Year, so that we can all enjoy the holiday

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William Davis, an Associate Partner in our Santa Rosa office, yesterday obtained a very significant First District Court of Appeal ruling that further establishes that after the 2004 changes to the laws regarding apportionment, asymptomatic conditions and nonindustrial latent pathologies can be causative of disability. The Court of Appeal annulled a WCAB opinion and decision after reconsideration that had rejected nonindustrial causation of disability and the Court stated conclusively that apportionment must be assigned to asymptomatic conditions under Labor Code 4663 where they are causative of disability.

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Thanks Given

With Thanksgiving and all of its fixings around the corner, Mullen and Filippi would like to express its deepest gratitude to all of our clients, and to our hard working staff and attorneys who move our clients’ claims forward to resolution. Thanks are also owing to all of the stakeholders in the workers’ compensation system, including the Judges, clerks, attorneys, and doctors, who work each day to observe the mandates of the California Constitution and accomplish substantial justice in all cases expeditiously, inexpensively, and without encumbrance of any character.

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Springing into Fall

As Fall officially begins in and we all move towards the last few months of 2018, it’s a time to start “closing files” on the year that was and begin planning for the developments that lie ahead.  In that spirit, Mullen and Filippi had its annual partnership retreat which provided opportunities to build stronger partner

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The Fruits of Our Labor

September is the month in which we celebrate Labor Day and the end of summer with a three-day weekend.  Labor Day, which became an official federal holiday in 1894, is a day set aside to commemorate the American labor movement and the struggles, conversations, and compromises between employers, employees, and the broader society, that led

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Making Connections

While the mail never stops coming in, with summer in full swing, it’s important when a sunny day comes along to take a deep breath and remember that people are the raison d’etre of this industry. Injured workers, claims professionals, attorneys, Judges, and employers are all trying to balance the interests involved in each claim, by providing benefits and preventing bad practices.

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To Parcel or Not to Parcel, the Bulletin Edition

Imagine going to a restaurant with your friends and not knowing until the end of the meal what portion of the check you’re going to have to cover or even how the check will be itemized. This is similar to parties in the workers’ compensation system faced with multiple injuries and overlapping body parts.

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Taking Responsibility

In evaluating workers’ compensation claims, we sometimes have to deal with the question of who of multiple employers or carriers is responsible for compensating an injured worker for an injury.  In this edition of the Bulletin, we draw your attention to two recent Court of Appeal decisions where the court had to deal with this

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Passing the Test

As all of us who have students in our lives know, May is final exam time. Some have completed their exams, others are in the middle of them, and others have them looming in the near future. From our own experience, we know that while the process is stressful, there is a sort of euphoria

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SPECIAL EDITION – The Court of Appeal Pike Decision

On March 6, 2018, the California Court of Appeal issued its decision in County of San Diego v. WCAB (Pike), holding that for injuries on or after January 1, 2008, an injured worker is not entitled to receive temporary disability benefits for any dates more than five years after the date of injury.  The decision

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