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Career Basics

Barbara Walsh is a Senior Partner at the firm's Santa Rosa office. Her practice is mainly before the Santa Rosa WCAB District office. Barbara divides her time between handling complex cases in settlement, mediation and trial, and assisting in training new attorneys hired by the Firm. Barbara commenced practicing in the area of workers' compensation in 1980. She was hired by Mullen & Filippi in 1992 to work in the Firm's regional office in Santa Rosa. In 1994 she was voted in as an Associate Partner. In 1995 she took and passed the Workers' Compensation Specialization Examination of the State Bar. In 1999 she was voted in as a Senior Partner. In July 2010, Barbara Walsh was voted in by her partners to Chair the Management Committee of the firm and served in that position until 2018.


Barbara Walsh attended University of California at Davis for 4 years and obtained her degree in French. She also took many classes in Spanish and Russian. After graduation and working for 2 years, she returned to school to attend San Francisco Law School in the evenings, for 4 years, while continuing to work full-time at the University of California, Systemwide Administration. She graduated from law school in 1979 and successfully passed the State Bar Examination the same year.

Professional Membership

Barbara Walsh is a member of the California State Bar Association and a former member of the Sonoma County Bar Association. She is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Sonoma County Bar Association, and a past President and Chairperson of the Education Committee of the North Bay Workers' Compensation Association. She has volunteered for the State Bar Association to help author essay questions for the Workers' Compensation Specialist Examination. Barbara has spoken at many seminars for claims groups, employers and at Firm-sponsored events.

Personal Note

In my career the thing I value the most is the relationships I have formed with adjusters, claims managers, risk managers and employers as well as Workers' Compensation Judges and members of the Applicants' Bar. I feel I can quite ably represent the interest of my clients as a result of these very long associations. I take much pleasure in very timely and aggressive handling of my cases. I also quite enjoy assisting new attorneys in their efforts to learn this very complex area of the law.

I am a firm believer in the necessity to achieve a balance between work and outside activities. When I am not at work, I literally prefer being outside, walking, hiking, and riding my horse. I also have an array of pets, including an African Grey parrot (yes, he does talk!), a standard poodle, a cat and 2 parakeets, as well as the aforementioned horse, who does not live with me. Some of those animals were unintentionally acquired (cat and parakeets), but I quite enjoy taking care of all of them. The care of the menagerie makes extensive travel challenging, but we have been known to travel with the parrot and the poodle, both of whom are good travelers. My favorite destination spot is the beach - anywhere.