The leader in workers’ compensation defense law.

Counseling employers and insurance carriers throughout California.

Career Basics

The Law Office of Jay S. Cohen became Mullen & Filippi's Van Nuys office on May 1, 2008. It was the first in a series of five new offices in southern California. Jay began as a workers' compensation defense attorney in 1983 and has remained in the Los Angeles area for the duration of his career. Jay's sub-specialty is Labor Code Section 132a defense. He helped to facilitate the Lauher decision in 2004, which has helped employers successfully defend 132a claims. He became known in the local community early in his career, as a member of workers compensation's first parody band, Protruding Disc. They were able, through humor and music, to demonstrate the absurdities and inequities of our system, which was ultimately reformed. These performances also enabled him to develop long lasting relationships with Judges, physicians and attorneys on both sides of our system.


As a life long resident of Los Angeles, Jay is a proud graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Arts in History, cum laude. He then obtained his law degree from Southwestern University in 1980. His internship was at the City Attorney's office of Los Angeles, in the Consumer Protection division.

Professional Membership

Jay is a member of the State Bar of California, and a member of the Workers' Compensation Section. He is also a long term member of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. In the last few years, he has participated in and helped organize several fund raising events for charities including City of Hope, MusiCares, CATS, and others.

Personal Note

The first aspect of workers' compensation that attracted me was the medical knowledge. I soon realized that medicine was indeed the subject matter of our work, and how important it was to all of our lives. I also enjoyed the "community" of workers' compensation, and found that it was a new world of its own. Many of us have made life-long friends through our system. Although that congenial world has dissipated somewhat over the years, there is still a camaraderie among many who engage in the practice. There are few outsiders who understand the daily rigors we face, and it seems to bond us together.

The practice of workers' compensation has allowed me to continue to play music for fun, relaxation and usually a very small profit. In recent years, I've been fortunate to perform with top professional musicians at charity events, having fun while raising money for others in need. Playing the bass guitar at a wide variety of venues since my teenage years has allowed me to see other sides of life, which most lawyers and professionals rarely get to experience. It's given me an advantage in my work, as I feel I have a better understanding of people, from all walks of life.