The leader in workers’ compensation defense law.

Counseling employers and insurance carriers throughout California.

Career Basics

Mr. Botkin has an extensive professional history, with personal experience in areas both civil and criminal. Within the realm of Workers' Compensation, he has sat on both sides of the table, first as an Applicant Attorney and then as Attorney for the Defense. Both prior to and throughout his legal profession, Mr. Botkin has also continued his work in education, both as a tutor as well as a professor in areas including not only the law, but other subjects ranging from history to legal and political philosophy. Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Botkin served in the United States Air Force, served as a delegate to the State of California, and worked as a campaign and political adviser in North Dakota.


Mr. Botkin earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the California State University, San Bernardino with dual areas of emphasis--Middle Eastern Studies and Political Philosophy. Before graduating, he had received numerous awards in recognition of his work in these areas. His thesis, an analysis on the America's geopolitical and strategic future in the Global War on Terror was recognized and awarded as the Outstanding Thesis for the California State University system in the area of Social and Behavioral Studies that year. In law school, he continued his work, narrowing his focus to areas of law and philosophy and Classical Natural Law Theory.

Professional Membership

Mr. Botkin is a Member of the California Bar Association.

Personal Note

There is an old story that i find relevant to the practice of law. More than a century ago, getting your licence to practice law actually included an oral exam. The story goes of how one candidate in particular was brought before the bar only to be asked three questions: if he had read through Blackstone's Commentaries; if he was readily familiar with his Bible; and if he was at all experienced in the game of poker. Most hear this story and laugh. Yet therein lie three qualities that any happy lawyer could and should always carry with him--not only education, but wisdom; not merely knowledge of right and wrong, but a healthy measure of humility; not only cunning, but a kind recollection that you can only ever play the cards your dealt. A happy lawyer is human. And knows it

I am, if nothing else, a family man. Between the months of October and March, If i'm not reading or writing with my son, I'll be found cooking with my mother, or chewing the fat in the company of my father. The rest of the year, is baseball season.