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Apportionment and Inconvenient Bedfellows

The applicability of apportionment on a case by case basis is not a debate which will be over soon. However, by staying on top of the medicals on the file, and ensuring a thorough medical history is developed, Defendant can put themselves into a better position to argue for the application of apportionment where we can establish the industrial injury is not the sole cause of the permanent disability.

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We’re already into October and on our way to a new, and with any luck, better, year.  Halloween is just around the corner, so pick out your costumes if you still have any desire to wear a mask at this point!  Whether you enjoy celebrating Halloween or not, at least take advantage of the one time a year when an adult can eat unhealthy amounts of candy without being judged too harshly.  As usual we’ll be here if you need assistance with any frightening claims.  If you have a workers’ compensation Halloween party to attend, here’s a free costume idea:  a zombie lien.  

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