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As the year comes to a close, claim professionals and attorneys alike are working hard to resolve those matters ready for resolution and move into 2019 ready to take on new challenges.  Mullen and Filippi will be working hard to wrap up claims before the New Year, so that we can all enjoy the holiday

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William Davis, an Associate Partner in our Santa Rosa office, yesterday obtained a very significant First District Court of Appeal ruling that further establishes that after the 2004 changes to the laws regarding apportionment, asymptomatic conditions and nonindustrial latent pathologies can be causative of disability. The Court of Appeal annulled a WCAB opinion and decision after reconsideration that had rejected nonindustrial causation of disability and the Court stated conclusively that apportionment must be assigned to asymptomatic conditions under Labor Code 4663 where they are causative of disability.

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